April 19, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
Business and technology columnist Sydney Hill had an interesting column about relaxing his efforts to keep his personal information private and his overall view of privacy in a digital environment. More
April 14, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
The National Hispanic Medical Association (NHMA) has partnered with an e-prescribing solutions vendor to be able to offer its 45,000 licensed Hispanic physicians in the country access to DrFirst... More
April 13, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
Healthcare providers are reportedly flocking to social media as a marketing channel. If this is a trend, is there any synergy between social media adoption and EHR adoption? More
April 12, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
The Colorado Regional Health Information Organization (CORHIO) recently signed on seven hospitals, nine medical practices and four community mental health centers to share patient data through its... More
April 11, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT has named Farzad Mostashari, MD, the new national coordinator. As most in the industry know, Mostashari was the deputy under former ONC head David... More
April 08, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
While having a fully integrated EHR is important to most healthcare organizations, there are some very tangible and distinct challenges faced by mental health organizations when implementing EHR... More
April 07, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
In yesterday's blog I talked about the EHR usability factor. After reading an article in the American Medical News, I'm compelled to remain with this topic for today. More
April 05, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
The Dept. of Health and Human Services released its proposed regulations for accountable care organizations (ACOs). It's no surprise that HHS has aligned the federal programs for health IT... More
April 04, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
The Secretaries of the Veterans Affairs and Defense, Eric Shinseki and Robert Gates, respectively, have agreed to develop a common EHR platform that will serve both departments.  Making the... More
April 01, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
Is the "meaningful use" race for $30-plus billion of ARRA stimulus funds finally about to get the green flag, or have increasing number of caution or red flags put the race on... More
March 31, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
It's safe to say that we're in the midst of the era of meaningful use. Whatever issues healthcare providers are having with their implementation and use of EHRs are being dealt with now.... More
March 30, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
It's hard to pass generalizations about why some healthcare providers have a terrible time with their EHRs and others have a smooth implementation and maintenance. Take the Hartford, Conn., and... More
March 29, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
Whatever happens in Washington with healthcare reform, the industry is moving toward a patient-centered care model. Whether it's called a patient-centered medical home or an accountable care... More
March 28, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
The weather's been horrible across the country but spring is just around the corner. For the health IT industry, that means National Coordinator David Blumenthal’s days are winding... More
March 24, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
EMRs help improve the quality of care in developing countries, according to a new study out by researchers from the Regenstrief Institute and the schools of medicine at Indiana University and Moi... More