By Carla Smith 12:17 pm August 19, 2016
Since HIMSS’s July 27 2016 release of the longitudinal gender compensation study in which we reported on a widening pay gap between men and women health IT workers, I’ve published a blog on
By Regina Holliday 11:31 am August 17, 2016
On August 10, I was so excited to share that we had reached another milestone in the Walking Gallery. Five years into our patient rights movement we had reached 400 members!  I even shared the post that lists where everyone lives. I loved the picture blogger chose for the post.
By Sue Schade 11:19 am August 12, 2016
People often ask me how I find time to write a weekly blog with a big, busy CIO job. I tell them all the same thing – it’s a discipline.
By Jane Sarasohn-Kahn 11:05 am August 12, 2016
Large employers are taking more control over health care costs and quality by pressuring changes to how care is actually delivered, based on the results from the 2017 Health Plan Design Survey sponsored by the National Business Group on Health (NBGH).
By David Butler, MD 10:10 am August 08, 2016
Many physicians and nurses are traveling across desolate EHR wastelands replete with digital detritus, pixel dust and other non-value-add items.
By Sue Schade 09:57 am August 08, 2016
“You need to go beyond puppies and rainbows.” That’s the advice this week from a search firm expert. I’m part of the search committee for the new president of a non-profit organization where I am a board member. The search expert was telling us to go deeper in our questioning.
By Brian Wells 07:23 am August 08, 2016
Penn Medicine associate vice president of health technology Brian Wells shares insights from cognitive computing work so far. 
By Carla Smith 04:18 pm August 01, 2016
HIMSS VP: Disparity between male and female compensation rates has widened in the past decade.
Playing with FHIR
By InterSystems 08:01 am August 01, 2016
The standard bodes well for future collaborative care models, even if it’s still in its infancy.
By Jane Sarasohn-Kahn 04:12 pm July 25, 2016
As patients learn to manage high-deductible plans and health savings accounts, convenience, accessibility and neighborhood connections are shaping patient's financial decisions.

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