July 13, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
The words “digital divide” typically refer to the technological gap between those who have up-to-date IT and those who don’t. More
July 12, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
Sometimes, when we have trouble falling asleep at night, we lie in bed and wonder what the National Health Information Network may ultimately look like. More
July 08, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
The American Hospital Association (AHA) recently took advantage of the Obama Administration’s regulatory review process to urge HHS to simplify, among other things, the myriad regulations surrounding... More
July 07, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
Scratch beneath the surface of any policymaker, and you’re likely to find a person who fancies him- or herself a problem solver. More
June 30, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
There’s been no shortage of reports lately concerning the difficulties small healthcare providers have when it comes to new HIT. But a recently released report may point to some critical answers. More
June 29, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
It is, of course, much too early to be thinking of burying Meaningful Use, but it seems equally premature to be spending much time praising it. More
June 28, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
Policymakers promoting a specific agenda are stuck between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, they have to make a case for their ideas in the name of getting both public support and funding to... More
June 27, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
In a recent letter to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, several medical associations collectively applauded the efforts of federal policymakers to move the HIT transition forward. More
June 24, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
Has an IT implementation project got you down? Well, then, maybe it’s time to try to recharge your efforts by perusing these “12 Steps of a Successful Health IT Project”. More
June 23, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
At what point do our expectations for HIT become, well, unhealthy? That’s the question that came to mind when we read that the Obama Administration “has made several health IT-related recommendations... More
June 21, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
It seems we’ve been this way before, except now things are a little different. For the non-tech-historians among us, this regular observer nicely sketches the story of one Dr. Lawrence Weed, who, in... More
June 20, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
June 17, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
If they didn’t know it already, attendees at a recent conference sponsored by CMIO Magazine found out that the health IT implementation projects they’ve been managing aren’t going to be done when the... More
June 15, 2011 | Jeff Rowe | Meaningful Use
A recent HIMSS survey suggests that while healthcare organizations are increasingly focused on using HIT to change the way they provide care, many of the changes themselves have yet to be made. More