By Jack McCarthy 09:46 am February 16, 2016
While Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have taken opposing stances, Republicans are still promising to repeal and replace the law, but none of the candidates in either party are offering specifics about their intentions.
By TEKsystems 08:24 am February 15, 2016
(SPONSORED) Technology has significantly disrupted the healthcare industry, creating a whole new matrix of threat and opportunity.
By Shahid Shah 11:43 am February 11, 2016
I have the pleasure of meeting or speaking with many digital health, health IT, med-tech, and life sciences startups every week.
By Marc Probst 09:20 am February 11, 2016
Electronic health records are typically touted as providing two primary and vital services: readily accessible patient records and protection against contraindicated medications. But Intermountain Healthcare is benefiting from a growing and transformative versatility in the application of its EHRs.
By W. Roy Smythe, MD 04:03 pm February 08, 2016
Editor's note: This is the first segment of Roy Smythe’s four-part series that takes a deeper look at healthcare innovation from the perspective of four Contemporary Provider Challenges: Chronic and Behavior Care, Operations 2.0, Patient as Consumer and Post-Acute Care.
By Brian Wells 05:58 am February 04, 2016
One of the great things about a list of predictions is that seldom does anyone come back and see how accurate you were! 
By Cari McLean 05:50 pm February 03, 2016
(SPONSORED) How to rise above all the marketing chatter is perhaps one of the most difficult marketing questions to tackle.
By Neil Jordan 04:36 pm February 03, 2016
  Health leaders are now thinking beyond their EMR to the next phase of health IT. This post-EMR phase is commonly being referred to as “the second race.”
By InterSystems 09:18 am February 03, 2016
(SPONSORED) Two physicians working at the intersection of healthcare and technology recently chatted about what FHIR will mean to practitioners at the point of care.
By Mahesh Kalva 09:44 am February 01, 2016
To realize interoperability healthcare organizations must acknowledge the risks of information blocking and work to mitigate concerns by fostering education, initiating open communication and incentivizing appropriate action.

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