October 23, 2014 | Jeff Rowe | Data Warehousing, Electronic Health Records
If you want to confront the complexity of electronic data, just stop and think about how many ways you want to use the data you have in hand. More
October 15, 2014 | Jeff Rowe | Electronic Health Records, Quality and Safety
It's no secret that one by-product of the health IT revolution has been providers learning how to make better use of technology while also losing touch with their patients. More
October 09, 2014 | Jeff Rowe | Mobile
It's a debate that's not going away soon: how big a role should the data from a patient's wearable devices play in an actual appointment. More
August 12, 2014 | Jeff Rowe | Mobile
While the flexibility of social media makes them an exciting tool for healthcare organizations, having a clear strategy is critical. More
July 24, 2014 | Jeff Rowe | Mobile
No matter where you go, it seems, someone's talking up mHealth. But, a healthy wariness is in order. More
July 09, 2014 | Jeff Rowe
Join IBM and HIMSS Future Care on July 23rd to discuss how social and clinical stakeholders can improve collaboration and patient outcomes. More
June 23, 2014 | Jeff Rowe | Data Warehousing
While bringing med students up to speed on the latest health IT is important, the critical move is to educate practicing doctors. More
June 05, 2014 | Jeff Rowe | Electronic Health Records, Quality and Safety
It's easy to categorize providers as divided into two camps, one embracing the use of the internet for medical interactions and the other, well, not so enthusiastic. More
May 22, 2014 | Jeff Rowe | Quality and Safety
As it is throughout the world, health IT is spreading rapidly across the U.S healthcare system, but the nation's union of nurses says, at the very least, it's time for a check-up. More
May 13, 2014 | Jeff Rowe | Telehealth
It's widely assumed that telemedicine presents a great opportunity to provide healthcare services to rural regions of the U.S. But a new report suggests many rural regions might not have the... More
April 29, 2014 | Jeff Rowe | Mobile, Privacy & Security
As technology continues to evolve, it can be difficult to resist getting caught by the "gee whiz" factor as we project what the future of healthcare could look like. But a new study may... More
April 22, 2014 | Jeff Rowe | Mobile, Quality and Safety
Everyone knows about social media, but what's harder to "know" is what it can do for you, and in this regard healthcare organizations are no different than the rest of the world. More
April 14, 2014 | Jeff Rowe | Data Warehousing, Quality and Safety
More often than not, health IT advocates get excited about the myriad ways technology could be used to help doctors do a better job of providing care. But what about using IT to help doctors go back... More
April 09, 2014 | Jeff Rowe | Quality and Safety
One way of summing up the past decade in healthcare might be to say that IT is finally aiming to catch up with the remarkable strides medical science has made over the past generation. More
March 24, 2014 | Jeff Rowe | Mobile, Quality and Safety, Telehealth
In 2013, Kaiser Permanente conducted 10.5 million patient-doctor visits via e-mail, telephone or video tools, and in a new report the organization discusses some of the ways those visits took place. More