More than 10,000 employees completed the 2012 BEST Hospital IT Departments survey

By Mike Moran, Project Editor

This is the second year for Healthcare IT News' "Where to Work: BEST Hospital IT Departments" program, and participation took a dramatic jump over last year's debut.

In 2011, 179 hospitals were nominated for the program; 75 of those hospitals qualified; and overall 4,945 IT employees completed the extensive 67-question online survey. This year, those numbers skyrocketed: 272 hospitals were nominated, 125 qualified and 10,863 IT employees completed the survey. (To qualify for the program, at least half of a hospital's IT employees must take the survey.)

When you consider how swamped with work hospital IT departments are these days, that kind of participation is impressive. If you're a busy person, you know that just setting aside 15 minutes during the workday (about how long it takes to complete the Best Hospital's survey), can be a challenge.

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