At Lakewood, employee orientation 'gets better all the time'


What a difference a year makes.

That sentiment is true in most walks of life, but in few areas does it have more meaning than in health IT. For example, Lakewood Health System was a BEST Hospitals IT Department award winner last year, and it's made the list again this year.  But according to Lakewood CIO Jeff Osegard, there have been some major changes in the last 12 months.

Among those are a complete replacement of the organization's financial and clinical software systems, as well as the implementation of an EHR system in the 25-bed hospital.
Despite the busy year, Osegard said, Lakewood continues to focus on making the organization a great place to work.

"Our orientation for new employees gets better all the time, and when we hire new managers, they are always impressed by our emphasis on getting people started in the right way."


Over the past year, Lakewood Health System implemented a new EHR system and made other major changes but still found time to focus on making the IT department a great place to work.



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