By Verizon 03:13 pm February 20, 2017
A flexible, virtualized network can support the data demands created by the integration of IoT devices, thus enabling customer-experience solutions to leverage the data in meaningful ways.
By Verizon 01:26 pm February 11, 2017
IoT promises to make an impact that both drives clinical and financial benefits in the healthcare industry beyond consumer wearables.
By Verizon 10:56 am February 10, 2017
Adoption of high-bandwidth applications such as telemedicine and EMR/EHR infrastructure are driving the need for an efficient delivery of business critical applications.
By Verizon 07:51 am February 10, 2017
Patients are no different than any other customer, they want options.
By Verizon 09:04 am February 09, 2017
The risks are not simply that a device may be compromised for use in a DDoS or ransomware attack. An unsecured IoT device can provide access by the attack vector allowing entry into the wider network.
By Verizon 09:02 am February 02, 2017
Even the strongest IT security doesn’t always “walk the walk” when it comes to the IoT.
By Verizon 02:07 pm January 25, 2017
A look at how sensors, devices and analytics are reshaping enterprise at the operational level.
illustration of secure technologies
By Verizon 01:00 pm February 29, 2016
(SPONSORED) The average global cost of a data breach as a result of a lost or stolen record is $154.
doctors on a computer
By Verizon 09:28 am February 24, 2016
(SPONSORED) In this age of digital transformation, what is meant by managed services?
hacker on laptop
By Verizon 09:21 am February 24, 2016
(SPONSORED) With the evolving threat landscape, cyberattacks happen every day to every type of enterprise -- with disastrous results.

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