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MIT Hacking Medicine

Attendees at the Privacy & Security Forum. 

By Tom Sullivan 01:34 pm December 07, 2016
Focus on the patient experience. Embrace existing business models. Chase the Triple Aim. But avoid hospitals for pilot projects.
OCR HIPAA audits on-site

Senior advisor Linda Sanches said that OCR is using the audits to find risks and vulnerabilities that might not otherwise know about. 

By Tom Sullivan 11:52 am December 07, 2016
HHS Office for Civil Rights said the chances of getting audited are slim, but officials offered advice about what they're looking for when they do conduct an assessment.
IoT healthcare

Stephanie Jernigan, assistant professor at Boston College, said that many healthcare organizations need to get better at handling large information sets to make use of Internet of Things devices. 

By Tom Sullivan 12:27 pm December 06, 2016
Cloud computing and the Internet of Things has changed the security landscape and many organizations do not yet understand how to apply insights to the business. And then there’s the challenge of getting patients to adopt new tools. 
CISO cloud security concerns

Pictured, left to right: Johns Hopkins CISO Darren Lacey, Penn Medicine associate CIO John Donohue, Juniper Networks senior product leader Albert Lew, and Christiana Care CISO Anahi Santiago. 

By Tom Sullivan 04:43 pm December 05, 2016
New skill set needs, old business associates and large data hosts becoming attractive targets top the list of chief information security officers. 
Aetna CISO early-stage startups

Jim Routh, chief information security officer at Aetna, recommended that healthcare organizations rethink their procurement process to invest in upstarts that don't have market share or investors because it's less expensive. 

By Tom Sullivan 03:19 pm December 05, 2016
Skip market share leaders. Instead, pinpointing emerging technologies enables healthcare organizations to get cutting-edge technologies for a song. Just not without some degree of risk. 
Privacy Security NSA
By Tom Sullivan 09:19 am December 02, 2016
Experts will convene at the HIMSS and Healthcare IT News event to discuss best practices for cybersecurity, fending off attackers, sharing threat intelligence, learning from the dark web, grappling with budget realities and more. 
social media IT hero
By Tom Sullivan 09:08 am December 02, 2016
The social media star also tells us her pet peeves, and reveals her favorite health IT hero and why she picked him. 
Best Hospital IT 2016

Pictured (left to right): Inspira Health CIO Tom Pacek, Mahaska IT director Chris Hickie and Roper St. Francis CIO Keith Neuman.

By Tom Sullivan 07:10 am November 30, 2016
A look inside some of the most ambitious initiatives happening at Healthcare IT News' 2016 Best Hospital IT Departments, which are cultivating a bold new era of care delivery by homing in on the patient experience.
By Tom Sullivan 06:46 am November 23, 2016
People, products and pictures of last year’s event, from Sylvia Burwell’s opening keynote to the post-Super Bowl Peyton Manning shutting things down. And a whole lot of innovation on the show floor. 
Best Hospital IT 2016 CIOs
By Tom Sullivan 07:54 am November 22, 2016
Natural disasters. EHR downtime. Data breaches. They’re all on the list. The more surprising ones? Not being disruptive enough and building systems that don't match what clinicians and patients actually need. 

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