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Tom Sullivan is the Editor-in-Chief of Healthcare IT News. Sullivan writes the Innovation Pulse column and covers major HIT topics including mHealth, medical practices, government policy, and emerging technologies. Follow Tom on Twitter @SullyHIT

By Tom Sullivan 12:41 pm February 05, 2016
Tamara St. Claire is the chief innovation officer of Xerox Healthcare – and later this month at HIMSS16 she will also be among the Social Media Ambassadors credentialed to cover the conference.
By Tom Sullivan 02:57 pm February 03, 2016
Steve Sisko, aka @Shimcode on Twitter, did not originally embark down the path toward healthcare IT. His primary career choice, rather, was in the field of aviation technology.
EMC director and HIMSS16 Social Media Ambassador Bill Bunting says social media has tremendous potential for healthcare.
By Tom Sullivan 02:37 pm February 02, 2016
You probably already know Bill Bunting as @WTBunting. But even his 13,800 Twitter followers might not know what fuels the HIMSS16 Social Media Ambassador’s passion for, in his words, “shifting the future of healthcare … so that we all have a voice.”
By Tom Sullivan 02:26 pm January 20, 2016
HIMSS revealed that HX360 is adding two speakers with national experience in healthcare issues who are not afraid of taking controversial positions.
By Tom Sullivan 05:06 pm January 19, 2016
HIMSS on Tuesday posted its eagerly anticipated lineup of Social Media Ambassadors for the upcoming HIMSS16 conference.
By Tom Sullivan 03:53 pm January 15, 2016
For more than a dozen years, Healthcare IT News has chronicled the rapid evolution of healthcare and information technology. With the healthcare industry on the cusp of a transformative new era it is the perfect time for us to bring you a freshly rethought and redesigned website.
man using binoculars
By Tom Sullivan 08:53 pm January 14, 2016
Microsoft has been building health-centric features into its stable of products and heading into HIMSS16 is also hoping to tap into the show’s overarching trends" – patient engagement, telehealth and wearables.
Doctor using laptop
By Tom Sullivan 02:53 pm January 14, 2016
Whether meaningful use triggered a desperately-needed onslaught of healthcare digitization or effectively stifled innovation by incentivizing the deployment of kludgy electronic health records software -- or both -- is likely to be a matter of some debate for years to come.
drchrono app
By Tom Sullivan 04:04 pm December 18, 2015
In the ongoing battle at the small end of the electronic health records market, drchrono claims to have struck new ground by bringing its EHR to the iPhone.
Patient with doctor and nurse
By Tom Sullivan 02:44 pm December 17, 2015
Though many think remote patient monitoring is the future of healthcare, a new report by Chilmark Research claims issues with implementation are keeping providers from jumping in despite its many promises.

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