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Aetna's headquarters.
By Susan Morse 09:16 pm March 01, 2016
LAS VEGAS -- When Inova Health saw that Affordable Care Act initiatives for value-based care would cut 7 percent, or $220 million, out of the $3 billion health system’s successful fee-for-service revenues, the northern Virginia provider knew it needed to change, said President and COO Mark Stauder.
By Susan Morse 05:13 pm March 01, 2016
One success story is the Colorado Rural Health Center partnered with Cyberscience Corp. to speed up processes, a move that has saved time and money.
By Susan Morse 07:05 pm February 29, 2016
Rene Cabral-Daniels, CEO of the Community Care Network of Virginia, says some doctors are not effectively partnering in value-based models.
By Susan Morse 05:37 pm February 29, 2016
Providers range from linking some payments to the effective management of a population to full population-based management.
By Susan Morse 03:46 pm February 23, 2016
While it may not sound all that exciting at first blush, a working knowledge of the low-, mid- and high-risk stratification of populations is key to successfully moving toward value-based care.
By Susan Morse 03:08 pm February 23, 2016
Providers need to understand the various degrees of risk in order to best treat their patient populations, according to Cerner population health strategist Gaurav Nagrath.
By Susan Morse 10:17 am February 17, 2016
For the first time, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and America's Health Insurance Plans have announced standard quality measures among payers, a move designed to reduce confusion and complexity for reporting providers.
Deloitte proposes moving away from evaluating physicians independently to a methodology in which physicians are evaluated in clusters.
By Susan Morse 09:36 am February 09, 2016
The consultant, which proposes moving away from evaluating physicians independently to a methodology in which physicians are evaluated in clusters, will share insights at HIMSS16.
More than 4 million new consumers gained health insurance coverage during open enrollment from Nov. 1, 2015 to Feb. 1, 2016, Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell announced on Thursday.
By Susan Morse 08:27 am February 05, 2016
The administration's 2016 year-end goal was to have 10 million people covered through the exchanges.
By Susan Morse 09:34 am February 01, 2016
With 31 reported cases and the CDC saying only about 1 in 5 people who get the virus will actually be sick, hospitals and health departments are working with the CDC and other public health officials to limit Zika from spreading as much as possible.

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