Jonah Comstock

Jonah Comstock is the Managing Editor at MobiHealthNews.

Cleveland Clinic ICU population health
By Jonah Comstock 07:08 am July 27, 2016
The health system is using eHosptial and eCMU to create command centers where clinicians gather to keep an eye on the sickest patients and, in turn, more effectively handle rapid response calls. 
By Jonah Comstock 05:01 pm July 13, 2016
Executives from AirStrip and Humetrix alongside medical school and law professors testified that oversimplified regulations can incorrectly classify valuable health data and, in so doing, harm patients. 
IBM Watson X Prize
By Jonah Comstock 03:06 pm June 24, 2016
X Prize CEO Marcus Shingles said the idea is to use AI to solve the world’s hardest challenges, including those in healthcare.  
VA VistA EHR mHealth
By Jonah Comstock 09:22 am June 23, 2016
Inspector General found that Veterans Affairs used money allocated for medical services to build a suite of mHealth apps and enhance its electronic health record, in a preliminary and thus far unpublished report.
By Jonah Comstock 11:44 am May 10, 2016
NantHealth, the personalized medicine company founded by Patrick Soon-Shiong, MD, has registered for a $92 million initial public offering. That number may seem low for a company used to securing nine-figure investments, but it is likely just a placeholder.

Withings' smartphone-connected scales can enable remote patient monitoring and population health management.

By Jonah Comstock 11:41 am April 27, 2016
Marking a "new chapter as a company," Nokia Technologies announced Tuesday that it plans to acquire French connected health device maker Withings for $191 million.

Augmedix co-founders Ian Shakil and Pelu Tran.

By Jonah Comstock 10:31 am April 25, 2016
Most Google Glass-focused startups have pivoted away from healthcare, but Augmedix is keeping its sights set on helping physicians.

Boston Children's Hospital advanced an initiative to make its medical knowledge more available to consumers with the KidsMD app. Source: Wikimedia. 

By Jonah Comstock 10:25 am April 13, 2016
The app, part of a broader strategy to make the hospital’s medical knowledge available to consumers, can offer simple advice about fever and medication to parents. 
By Jonah Comstock 09:27 am April 01, 2016
Researchers say that pilot program demonstrates how readily available technologies can be used along with an EHR to improve communication between doctors and patients with type 1 diabetes.
Apple COO Jeff Williams speaking at the Monday event.
By Jonah Comstock 07:24 am March 22, 2016
At the same time that it revealed CareKit, Apple announced that ResearchKit would be updated to more easily make use of genetic data, via a module designed by consumer genetics company 23andMe. Apple also added other modules for common medical tests to ResearchKit.

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