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John Andrews is an independent freelance writer from Des Plaines, Ill. A professional journalist for more than 30 years, he has written exclusively for the healthcare industry since 1990 and has appeared in dozens of trade publications during his career.

security CIO cloud concern security
By John Andrews 07:40 am January 20, 2017
Dignity Health chief information officer Deanna Wise was once hesitant of putting health data in the cloud. Now she’s an outspoken proponent. 
patient centered care coordination

MHIN executive director Tim Pletcher (right). Credit: Michigan Medicine via YouTube.

By John Andrews 08:47 am January 16, 2017
Michigan Health Information Network executive director Tim Pletcher says that effectively linking patients to providers starts with a dynamic health directory. 
UCLA reduce transfusions bar code
By John Andrews 07:05 am January 11, 2017
The system moved away from a hybrid approach including paper and electronic barcode scanning and sees it as a boon to patient safety. 
patient advocates
By John Andrews 07:02 am January 10, 2017
Kristina Sheridan is among the growing legion of caregivers who have come to believe that involving input from patients and their families can be a game-changer when it comes to diagnosis and treatment. 
digital marketing cybersecurity

Rob Klein said that healthcare providers must put more focus on digital marketing as part of their broader cybersecurity plans. 

By John Andrews 07:57 am December 29, 2016
The State of Digital Marketing in Healthcare 2017 report finds that many hospitals lack the infrastructure for deploying modern tools they need for crisis management, including data breaches. 
enterprise monitoring patient experience
By John Andrews 07:47 am December 12, 2016
Another benefit of the initiative? It enabled the health system’s IT shop to connect the dots and create a better patient experience. 
UPMC CFO value-based

UPMC finance chief Robert DeMichiei said that cost management is becoming more important as the healthcare systems moves away from the fee-for-service model. 

By John Andrews 07:06 am December 12, 2016
Robert DeMichiei outlines the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s journey toward activity-based costing as a means for survival in new world of CMS bundles and capitation. 
analytics bedside cut HAC
By John Andrews 07:37 am November 29, 2016
Since instituting a safety program two years ago the hospital has saved $1.6 million, reduced overall hospital-acquired conditions by 30 percent and cut some specific conditions by nearly 80 percent. 
Best Hospital IT 2016:  Kennedy Health System
By John Andrews 07:58 am November 01, 2016
A staff that is ‘crazy, busy’ is charged up by the results of a data transformation.
Stamford Health Best Hospital
By John Andrews 07:54 am November 01, 2016
A focus on team building gives the HIT staff better partnerships throughout the health system.

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