Jessica Davis

Jessica Davis is Associate Editor of Healthcare IT News.

WannaCry ransomware Locky
By Jessica Davis 01:57 pm June 22, 2017
It appears the hackers rushed the latest round of the notorious ransomware, since the campaign is currently only able to lock down XP, VistA and other older operating systems.
Soon-Shiong NantHealth
By Jessica Davis 04:51 pm June 21, 2017
The lawsuit filed by D.C. attorneys Boyden Gray and Adam Waldman alleges the biotech mogul is seeking to acquire Altor Bioscience through a sweetheart deal.
HITRUST leverage cybersecurity partnerships
By Jessica Davis 03:15 pm June 21, 2017
HHS repeatedly acts as a lone wolf, instead of adopting and assisting with current cybersecurity efforts, Daniel Nutkis wrote his prepared statement to a Senate Committee on Wednesday.
patient data
By Jessica Davis 02:07 pm June 21, 2017
The notorious hacker has been playing a game called “A Business a Day,” by publicly make extortion attempts on businesses.
Experts: There’s no gray area with ransomware breach reporting
By Jessica Davis 02:36 pm June 20, 2017
OCR’s updated rules make it pretty clear: The burden of proof is on the healthcare provider.
By Jessica Davis 11:01 am June 20, 2017
Officials were unable to determine whether an April breach of the medical center’s emails exposed patient data.
By Jessica Davis 02:46 pm June 19, 2017
Microsoft has released new patches for Microsoft XP and Server 2003 systems while DHS pointed to an increase in North Korean cyber activity.
WSU hard drive theft potentially impacts 1 million people
By Jessica Davis 11:08 am June 19, 2017
A safe containing a hard drive with the backup of the university’s Social and Economic Sciences Research Center was stolen in April.
FDA Scott Gottlieb
By Jessica Davis 02:55 pm June 16, 2017
The agency is working on creating a third-party certification program that would allow low-risk products to be marketed without FDA premarket review.
By Jessica Davis 01:03 pm June 16, 2017
The healthcare administrative services and IT provider took over a year to notify 220,000 individuals of a breach to its website. HHS is determining if it’s a HIPAA-covered business associate.

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