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Jessica Davis is Associate Editor of Healthcare IT News.

By Jessica Davis 03:47 pm December 20, 2016
The former HHS Secretary says, "pretending the law never happened is not an option," but that parts of the Affordable Care Act will be repealed, including the individual mandate.
By Jessica Davis 10:53 am December 19, 2016
November saw a 60 percent increase of breach incidents from October, at an average of two per day. With 57 reported incidents, November saw the most breaches so far this year, according to the Protenus Breach Barometer released Dec. 15.
By Jessica Davis 02:03 pm December 15, 2016
The 'No More Ransom' campaign, established by Intel Security, Kaspersky Lab, Europol and the Dutch National police in July, expanded again with the addition of 34 new partners and 32 new decryptors, Europol announced.
Yahoo hacked 1 billion
By Jessica Davis 10:35 am December 15, 2016
The company now holds the top two spots for the biggest data breaches in history.
Ransomware attack pay up
By Jessica Davis 07:19 am December 15, 2016
Despite law enforcement agencies telling businesses to stop paying the ransom, cybercriminals are expected to earn more than $1 billion from ransomware campaigns in the coming year.
By Jessica Davis 10:42 am December 14, 2016
Companies that employ phishing simulations drastically reduce the number of employees who click infected emails, according to a new report from PhishMe.
Obama 21st Century Cures


By Jessica Davis 09:24 am December 14, 2016
Vice President Biden joined the president in signing the bill, which passed through Congress with overwhelming approval.

Quest Diagnostics operates forensic toxicology laboratories across the United States that perform workplace drug testing. A laboratory technician prepares a urine specimen for testing at a Quest lab in Lenexa, Kansas. Quest Diagnostics photo.

By Jessica Davis 10:48 am December 13, 2016
Hackers gained access through the company’s MyQuest by Care360 app on Nov. 26.
By Jessica Davis 11:03 am December 12, 2016
Xcertia will will employ feedback from members to improve clinical content, usability, privacy, security, interoperability and efficacy of data.

"Alcohol and other substance use disorder treatment lags far behind the rest of healthcare in the deployment of electronic health records," according to NIH.

By Jessica Davis 01:24 pm December 09, 2016
The National Institutes of Health is challenging biotech researchers to build a wearable device that can measure blood alcohol in real-time, and it will offer funding for researchers who find out how to better use electronic health record data for alcohol treatment.

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