Jessica Davis

Jessica Davis is Associate Editor of Healthcare IT News.

NantHealth’s Soon-Shiong
By Jessica Davis 10:58 am May 12, 2017
[Also: Politico uncovers more funding indiscretions from Patrick Soon-Shiong]Despite company losing $41 million in the first quarter, biotech mogul Patrick Soon-Shiong defended his company’s work and chastised what he called false reports.
WellSpan Epic EHR

WellSpan Community Hospital in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. Photo via Facebook

By Jessica Davis 02:14 pm May 11, 2017
The health system expected delays, but they didn’t happen due to a ton of preparation work on the part of the system’s workforce.
VistA EHR Dr. David Shulkin

Dr. David Shulkin speaking at the Veterans Empowerment Collaboratory on May 9. Photo via Twitter

By Jessica Davis 01:28 pm May 11, 2017
Congress has continually railed on the Veterans’ Affairs EHR for being outdated, but its users say the platform is fast, secure and gets the job done.
EHR server hacked IVF clinic
By Jessica Davis 11:37 am May 11, 2017
Officials at New Jersey Diamond Institute for Fertility and Menopause say they don’t know when the initial breach began.
23andMe genetic tests
By Jessica Davis 02:54 pm May 10, 2017
While tests like those offered by 23andMe help patients become proactive in their healthcare, providers and the industry aren’t ready to interpret them.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb.

By Jessica Davis 11:01 am May 10, 2017
Scott Gottlieb and Gopal Khanna round out the most recent government hires to head the agencies most important to health IT.
malware campaign REDLEAVES
By Jessica Davis 01:47 pm May 08, 2017
Variants masked as legitimate, existing monitoring tools can gain full network and data access of the victim.
Athenahealth’s Jonathan Bush chided for cursing on-air
By Jessica Davis 11:18 am May 08, 2017
The outspoken CEO went on a tear about companies hesitant to hire women because of the repeal of Obamacare.

TheDarkOverlord has a history of using Twitter to shame breached organizations. Photo via @Twitter

By Jessica Davis 02:33 pm May 05, 2017
The hacker had warned Aesthetic Dentistry and OC Gastrocare in 2016 to pay to keep the records private, but the extortion attempt failed.
Veterans Affairs VistA close VA facilities
By Jessica Davis 10:31 am May 05, 2017
Vacant and underutilized buildings cost $25 million each year to run, and closing these sites will let the VA reinvest in facilities with capital needs, Secretary David Shulkin says.

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