Jessica Davis

Jessica Davis is Associate Editor of Healthcare IT News.

cybersecurity threats
By Jessica Davis 09:27 am September 26, 2017
Having huge pools of information isn’t enough if you don’t have the analytics tools and skills to make it count.
security policy issues
By Jessica Davis 09:26 am September 26, 2017
Educating users is critical, they are often the weakest links, but don’t exclusively focus there.
wait and see approach to cybersecurity
By Jessica Davis 09:25 am September 26, 2017
While the costs tied to protection can be daunting, especially for small organizations, the costs only increase after an attack happens.
firewalls in healthcare
By Jessica Davis 09:24 am September 26, 2017
Hospitals often put too much weight on the latest technology solution, but these “shiny objects” are still being breached.
security companies
By Jessica Davis 09:24 am September 26, 2017
With staff shortages opening the door to hackers, contract security can help an organization protect its reputation and image.
cybersecurity risks and myths
By Jessica Davis 09:13 am September 26, 2017
As common half-truths and misperceptions plague information security, we separate truth from fiction and outline steps to take in order to make your healthcare institution safer.
ransomware attacks
By Jessica Davis 09:06 am September 26, 2017
Breach reporting isn’t optional, and organizations risk making things worse by failing to be transparent.
disconnecting networks and devices
By Jessica Davis 09:06 am September 26, 2017
In fact, experts say the idea that healthcare orgs can set up a disconnected infrastructure is a farce.
Machine learning software
By Jessica Davis 09:06 am September 26, 2017
Organizations should understand the technology and its function with other security controls before using it as its primary security tech.
password hacking
By Jessica Davis 06:05 am September 26, 2017
Holes are starting to show in existing password frameworks, especially as cybercriminals use new tools to crack user credentials.

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