Jessica Davis

Jessica Davis is Associate Editor of Healthcare IT News.

incentivize mental health providers to buy EHRs
By Jessica Davis 01:54 pm July 24, 2017
The bipartisan legislation is part of a CMS Innovation Center project to promote EHR adoption for the improvement of care quality and interoperability.
Nuance Petya attack
By Jessica Davis 02:47 pm July 21, 2017
The transcription service provider is struggling to regain full function of some of its services, primarily its eScription platform, but the company expects full function of the service within two weeks.
bill rolls back meaningful use EHRs
By Jessica Davis 11:32 am July 21, 2017
Introduced Thursday to the Energy and Commerce Committee, the bill would reduce the volume of future EHR-related significant hardship requests.
HHS appropriations bill slashes AHRQ funding
By Jessica Davis 01:21 pm July 20, 2017
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services would receive $5.8 billion in funding, with only $300 million designated for the lead research group on healthcare quality, costs and outcomes.
By Jessica Davis 03:49 pm July 19, 2017
The agency is working with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on a MACRA API and with the Department of Veterans Affair on digital tools for veterans.
Peachtree Neurological Clinic breach
By Jessica Davis 11:52 am July 19, 2017
While Peachtree Neurological Clinic avoided paying ransom after a recent cyberattack, the investigation that followed revealed a hacker had access to its system starting in February 2016.
stop ransomware
By Jessica Davis 02:22 pm July 18, 2017
Security basics go a long way to protecting patient data against even scary-looking attacks.
Petya attacks
By Jessica Davis 12:18 pm July 18, 2017
After a hospital had to replace infected IT systems, now FedEx is the second organization to admit the drastic impact of the wiper malware.
Phishing attack on UC Davis Health
By Jessica Davis 11:01 am July 17, 2017
An employee responded to a phishing email with login credentials, which officials said the hacker used to view patient data and send emails to other staff requesting large sums of money.
Bupa security breach
By Jessica Davis 01:20 pm July 14, 2017
The employee was fired after stealing data from the health insurer. found a dark web listing that shows the employee was selling between 500,000 and 1 million medical records.

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