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Jeff Lagasse is Associate Editor at Healthcare Finance.

Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes

By Jeff Lagasse 09:58 am April 14, 2016
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has warned Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes that the company could face serious sanctions after the startup failed to address numerous problems with its technology and practices.
By Jeff Lagasse 05:09 pm April 05, 2016
The authors of a Health Affairs report also suggested that policymakers could use Yelp to identify which quality measures are most important to doctors and patients. 
By Jeff Lagasse 10:07 am April 05, 2016
Healthcare leaders are focused on the potentially conflicting market forces as rising consumer expectations and care transformation are reshaping the industry, according to the Advisory Board Company.  
By Jeff Lagasse 01:40 pm April 04, 2016
Price transparency tools can help patients make more educated purchasing decisions. But they must include information on both cost and quality to be effective. 
By Jeff Lagasse 02:51 pm April 01, 2016
The company suspended testing, hired three board certified pathologist to run its lab, and publicly vowed to work with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services to resolve the issues. 
By Jeff Lagasse 04:42 pm March 31, 2016
The organization’s 2015 Index found that the U.S. is still spending unnecessary but significant sums of money on manual transactions when the technology is available to handle those electronically. 
Peter Constantino, MD, created the Patient Identification Shield as an alternative to traditional writsbands.
By Jeff Lagasse 04:27 pm March 22, 2016
Hospital is looking to the public to nominate one of three initiatives: a patient identification shield, a surgery blood loss manager, or a bioprinter to produce living tissue replacement.
By Jeff Lagasse 11:50 am March 04, 2016
We need a different system where we engaged clinicians as partners and ask the right questions, a HIMSS16 speaker said.
Larry Seltzer, general manager and senior director of Netsmart, speaks about the importance of data aggregation in treating children Wednesday at the HIMSS16 conference in Las Vegas.
By Jeff Lagasse 11:34 am March 04, 2016
LAS VEGAS — Technological innovation is used often in healthcare to improve patient outcomes, but when it comes to children, aggregating data at the individual and population level is critical, said Stephen Quirk, CEO of Youth Emergency Services and Shelter in Des Moines, Iowa, and Larry Seltzer, general manager and senior director of Nets
Raymond Magner of Grove Medical Associates in Massachusetts speaks about improving patient engagement through patient portals and new technologies Wednesday at the HIMSS 16 conference in Las Vegas.
By Jeff Lagasse 03:13 pm March 02, 2016
David Weinstock, MD, and Raymond Magner of Grove Medical Associates say EHR implementation is just the first step.

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