By InterSystems 12:41 pm February 13, 2017
While many entities are grappling with how to succeed in these value-based care models, the truth of the matter is that population health actually requires a patient-centric approach in order to be effective.
By InterSystems 06:54 am February 13, 2017
Lincolnshire Health and Care’s (LHAC) Gary James explains how the British county’s new integrated Care Portal system, based on InterSystems HealthShare®, is helping transform healthcare for an aging and widely dispersed population.
By InterSystems 06:30 am February 13, 2017
Russell Leftwich, MD, senior clinical advisor, interoperability, for InterSystems, discusses the benefits of FHIR at the point of care through the use of apps.
By InterSystems 04:54 am February 13, 2017
Eric Widen, co-founder and CEO of HBI Solutions, discusses the likely future of care management and the Spotlight Data Solution predictive analytics engine, which runs on the InterSystems HealthShare® Health Informatics Platform.
By InterSystems 03:17 pm January 23, 2017
Health information exchange platforms can be the key to unlocking the potential of the Internet of healthcare things or the Internet of Patients.
By InterSystems 01:01 pm January 23, 2017
Hixny, a regional health information exchange (HIE) and an InterSystems customer since 2009, is improving care coordination and population-health management through its Hixny360 services structure. Key Benefits • Fastest path to software for connected healthcare
By InterSystems 10:10 am December 20, 2016
While patient engagement is grabbing plenty of headlines, leaders need to know what’s really happening on the frontlines.
By InterSystems 09:49 am December 20, 2016
Dave deBronkart beat stage IV kidney cancer in 2007 by taking an active role in his own health. As a result, he realized how powerful and life-saving patient engagement can be. Since then, he has authored the book, Let Patients Help! A Patient Engagement Handbook, and delivered speeches on the topic at conferences around the world.
health insurance papers with stethoscope
By InterSystems 11:52 am March 03, 2016
(SPONSORED) Collective Health is a software and services company recreating the health insurance experience for companies and their people.
connected health
By InterSystems 04:37 pm March 02, 2016
(SPONSORED) Joe DeSantis, vice president of HealthShare Platforms, is responsible for all aspects of the InterSystems HealthShare informatics platform, including software development, product marketing and business development.

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