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By HealthTech Wire 08:32 am May 09, 2012
Patient-centered medicine was emphasized at the opening of the 10th annual High Level E-Health conference of the European Commission in Copenhagen.
By HealthTech Wire 12:50 pm November 24, 2010
How can regional challenges can be addressed by eHealth? At the EHTEL 2010 Symposium, one panelist suggested Europe work to keep eHealth "in fashion" via "involvement, integration and innovations."
By HealthTech Wire 04:51 pm November 22, 2010
There are some expert events of the European eHealth community that have never really made it into the media spotlight. Despite this, many of them still deserve to be recognized for their contribution in helping advance the continent's eHealth infrastructure. The annual Symposium of the European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL) is such an...
By HealthTech Wire 09:08 am October 25, 2010
New Zealand and Slovenia used the Global eHealth Forum in Hamburg (October 25/26, 2010) to present themselves as innovative eHealth markets.
By HealthTech Wire 09:05 am October 25, 2010
The European Commission’s Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE) is a flagship initiative of the EU 2020 strategy, which focuses on sustainable growth through ICT. eHealth is a key part of it, said Flora Girogio of the EC’s ICT for Health unit, speaking at the Global eHealth Forum in Hamburg today. The DAE will develop the necessary infrastructure.
By HealthTech Wire 09:03 am October 25, 2010
The inaugural Global eHealth Forum, a successor to the Baltic eHealth Conference, opened today in Hamburg, Germany. More than 200 delegates have already registered for the event, making it one of the highlights on the annual eHealth events calendar from the outset.
By HealthTech Wire 09:21 am March 22, 2010
The success of eHealth in Europe depends on how patient-oriented applications are. Ilias Iakovidis, Acting Head of the unit "ICT for Health," DG Information Society and Media, European Commission, talks to HealthTech Wire about how this year’s eHealth conference can contribute to this goal and why 2010 will be an interesting year for eHealth in...

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