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By Healthcare IT News 11:42 am December 28, 2015
To achieve maximum success and profitability, practices must be efficient while providing the best care. Fortunately, technology provides tools you need to optimize your practice and convenience to patients. Learn how video visits drive efficiency.
By Healthcare IT News 02:00 pm December 22, 2015
Telemedicine reimbursement is one of the most common obstacles to telehealth integration. Review the benefits of telehealth to patients and practices, the challenges of reimbursement, and how to overcome complexities to quickly generate revenue.
By Healthcare IT News 03:34 pm December 21, 2015
Marketing is evolving as healthcare marketers strive to implement highly targeted communications for personalized patient care. The need to improve quality, provide a better patient experience, and reduce costs is compelling healthcare organizations to reinvent their patient engagement programs. Reaching today's tech-savvy patients and physicians...
By Healthcare IT News 02:56 pm December 21, 2015
Read this report to learn about the leaders, challengers, visionaries and niche players in CRM lead management.
By Healthcare IT News 02:11 pm December 21, 2015
In this comprehensive, 110+ page guide, we cover topics from the evolution of digital advertising, to how to structure your organization's digital team, to testing and optimization. Loaded with checklists, charts, and thought leadership from digital advertising experts, The Definitive Guide to Digital Advertising will teach you how to create...
By Healthcare IT News 01:08 pm December 21, 2015
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has opened new opportunities to healthcare consumers, who are taking a more proactive role in shopping for and selecting their own health plans. For health plans to succeed today, they need to adopt engagement strategies like a consumer brand and put the shopper at the center of their marketing.
By Healthcare IT News 12:27 pm December 15, 2015
An inefficient workflow makes it difficult for radiologists to do their job. With disparate systems and data, it's difficult to manage business objectives and care. Organizations strive to put the right case, with the right doctor at the right time.
By Healthcare IT News 11:18 am December 15, 2015
In The Engaged Patient, we take a deep dive into the concept of patient engagement to examine the ways your organization can promote higher levels of participation between providers and patients while reducing costs and operational burdens.
By Healthcare IT News 10:39 am December 15, 2015
Learn to drive supply compliance and promote new savings through the first product based procurement suite with your own perpetually cleansed item data to help find compliant items with the ease of online shopping.
By Healthcare IT News 10:27 am December 11, 2015
Cleveland Clinic saw the value of aligning the vast array of medical images generated at the hospital into a centralized system. Their enterprise imaging team realized early on that "enterprise storage" was but a piece of the imaging puzzle.

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