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Gus Venditto is the Vice President of Content Development for HIMSS Media. He has more than 20 years experience in managing content for technology professionals, and is the author of six books and hundreds of articles. At PC Magazine he was executive editor and author of the Pipeline column identifying IT trends. He was editor-in-chief of Internet World magazine and the IT portal which included SearchEngineWatch and At DowJones he was a product manager of the career section of the WSJ Digital Network. You can follow him at @gusvenditto


Business concepts whiteboard
By Gus Venditto 01:28 pm February 09, 2015
The work that lies ahead for healthcare IT professionals will require more than managing technology. The very culture in which care will be delivered is changing, and the rate of change will not slow down any time soon.
By Gus Venditto 12:43 pm November 03, 2014
As the foundation of his opening keynote address at the HIMSS Media and Healthcare IT News Big Data & Healthcare Analytics Forum in Boston on Nov. 20-21, Kaiser Permanente CMIO John Mattison, MD, will address an issue that marries philosophy, antiquity, science and a profound concern for improving the health and welfare of mankind.
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By Gus Venditto 01:13 pm September 03, 2014
Daniel Nigrin, MD will discuss his experience defending against cyberattacks by the notorious hacker group Anonymous.
Daniel Nigrin
By Gus Venditto 06:53 am September 03, 2014
The 47th and final speaker to join the HIMSS Media and Healthcare IT News Privacy & Security Forum in Boston Sept. 8-9 has quite a tale to tell. Boston Children's Hospital Senior Vice President and CIO Daniel Nigrin, MD, confirmed Sept. 2 that he will speak at the forum.
By Gus Venditto 12:48 pm August 28, 2014
Healthcare privacy and security experts from around the U.S. will gather in Boston, Sept. 8-9 to share information and strategize over how to combat cybercrime, insider threats and other pressing challenges to patient data.
By Gus Venditto 11:15 am August 26, 2014
CIOs and chief information security officers and others will gather to hear from AETNA CISO Jim Routh, Texas Health CIO Ed Marx, a HIPAA enforcement update from OCR, and much more.
By Gus Venditto 11:32 am April 23, 2014
The conference was designed to provide attendees with practical guidance on how to successfully manage the transition to the new coding standard, which was to take effect on Oct. 1, 2014. But, with uncertainty surrounding the date of the transition, organizers decided it would be best to postpone the forum.
HIMSS Media and the American Bar Association presented the HIT Law Forum at HIMS
By Gus Venditto 02:13 pm February 24, 2014
Protecting your hospital's data is no longer just about managing the systems inside your enterprise. Changes being considered in federal privacy regulations are prompting the legal counsel at many hospitals to begin looking at the security policies of contractors and even sub-contractors.
By Gus Venditto 09:46 am February 24, 2014
HIMSS veterans know that to get the most from the conference, you need to find some time to find the little guys: companies that are just starting out and trying to make a lasting impact.
Chris Jerry is working to raise awareness of smarter medication monitoring
By Gus Venditto 09:52 am February 11, 2014
Technology is able to monitor medication to make sure dosages are correct. So why isn't that technology in use?

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