David Lareau

David Lareau is chief executive officer of Medicomp Systems. Medicomp provides technologies, content, and tools that improve EHR usability and make it possible to run one documentation tool across the enterprise.

By David Lareau 04:48 pm December 02, 2015
There is mounting evidence that clinical decision support tools can significantly improve patient outcomes. Not only is this good news for the patient, it is also good news for our entire healthcare delivery system.
By David Lareau 12:23 pm June 22, 2015
Tens of billions of dollars paid out by the federal government for the purchase of healthcare information technology enabled our industry to stay addicted to its current solutions. With no incentive to change behavior or innovate, why should the major HIT vendors bother to do so?
By David Lareau 01:39 pm March 17, 2015
Population health, Big Data, predictive analytics and all that massive computing power help to improve health. But care still has to be delivered, and it will probably still be one patient and one caregiver at a time: a population of two.
By David Lareau 07:58 pm February 17, 2015
With all the talk of population health, interoperability and personalized medicine, you would think we have already solved the problem of how we handle all the clinical information for a single patient at the point of care. We have not.
By David Lareau 08:16 pm December 16, 2014
How can your clinical systems enable clinically-coordinated care, that is, true functional interoperability? Here are four important considerations to put you on the right path.
By David Lareau 01:11 pm October 01, 2014
How can a physician's productivity and focus on the patient be maintained while using an EHR at the point of care, and why do many systems fall short on this?
By David Lareau 01:35 pm February 04, 2014
Historically, physician and nursing systems and workflow have been parallel, but independent, of each other. In looking at what is currently available, it is obvious that very few, if any, intersect where they should: at the patient.
By David Lareau 12:49 pm October 10, 2013
As talks continue about big data and how to aggregate and share it electronically, we need to keep our ultimate goal in sight – giving providers the information required to better manage the health of the individual patient, in real time at the point of care.
By David Lareau 12:35 pm June 11, 2013
It’s growing. And growing. And growing. And now, as states are forming their own HIEs and more ACOs are in development, the amount of healthcare data that’s being generated truly boggles the mind.
By David Lareau 03:35 pm February 18, 2013
In my last article, I told you about an experience my colleagues and I encountered on a business trip in Thailand. My friend needed new contacts, and didn't have a chance to get them before he left DC. Since we were meeting in Bumrungrad, one of the leading medical tourism hospitals in the world, he decided to put them to the test.

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