Carl Natale

Carl Natale is the Editor of ICD10Watch, a community website where he contributes a blog, produces podcasts, and interacts with the ICD-10 community via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Whistle and megaphone
By Carl Natale 10:52 am July 01, 2015
Arguably just as important as ICD-10 readiness come time for October is also focusing on what's to happen afterward. And not all of what you hear is necessarily true. Much of it is myth.
Businessman with shield and sword
By Carl Natale 11:16 am December 02, 2014
"Please tell Speaker Boehner, Chairman Fred Upton, and Chairman Pete Sessions that you want to add the ICD-10 delay to a must-pass piece of legislation during the upcoming 2014 lame duck session," is the most recent call to action put forth by opponents of ICD-10.

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