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Today's healthcare organizations face a double bind: Improve the quality of patient care while maintaining - and increasing - profitability. It would be a thorny task in a stable environment. In this constantly changing environment, it is a formidable one. And it is complicated further by the limitations of traditional information systems. Good decisions demand perspective - a clear, comprehensive view of actual performance. These resources will help you do the necessary planning for continuous performance improvement.
Allscripts works with leading physician practices to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry. We help our clients overcome technological, regulatory and financial challenges to achieve critical business goals and better patient outcomes. Our integrated and innovative solutions can enable improved care, greater insights and a healthier bottom line for your practice. Learn the top ten reasons why large physician practices choose Allscripts TouchWorks EHR.
Allscripts TouchWorks EHR is an advanced, modular clinical solution that helps caregivers embed desired practices and protocols into their workflows. A comprehensive solution with automated clinical decision support at the points of care, TouchWorks offers a configurable clinical desktop and nearly 800 multi-specialty peer reviewed Care Guides to drive effective and efficient patient care in the ambulatory setting. Learn more about the TouchWorks solution portfolio.
Learn how your organization’s IT initiative compliance can grow significantly by enabling users to maximize productivity with little overhead and support. The new Sunrise Mobile™ MD II allows physicians to manage daily activities using today’s latest mobile technology. Find out more about this new software that gives you an intuitive and immersive user experience.
First Choice Home Health and Hospice started out with the modest goals of eliminating paper and improving the efficiency of their organization. But a transformative change took place that brought significant improvements in patient care, streamlined daily operations and delivered a dramatic reduction in their operational expenses. This success story shows how Allscripts helped them provide stellar care and redefine productivity.
How can health systems maximize reimbursement and reduce inefficiencies in uncertain times? The key to successfully overcoming these challenges is twofold: A foundation you can easily adapt when a change occurs and the ability to automate these changes into repeatable and consistent processes across your organization. These resources below will show you how to create the foundation and processes for value-based care models and bundled payments using advanced revenue cycle functionality across health system. In addition, learn to drive elimination of manual processes, and improve billing and collections processes to maximize margins.
Are you having challenges to capture and validate patient and payer information? This can lead to lost revenue, inefficient clinical processes and patient dissatisfaction. Read this paper to learn more about Sunrise Enterprise Registration, which integrates financial and clinical operations so important information can be captured and validated once, and available electronically throughout each stage of the patient visit. This paper will also discuss the benefits of Enterprise Scheduling, which allows staff to seamlessly coordinate clinicians, resources and facilities with patient schedules across acute and ambulatory care environments.
Revenue cycle is experiencing a shake up. Industry analysts aren’t sure what lies ahead, but they know one thing: This is big. There are many changes on the horizon, including Medicaid expansion, health insurance mandates, increased self-pay patients and more. This eBook will teach you how to build a financial foundation for the future of your organization, how to improve the patient experience with clinical and financial integration, and five key steps to successful data-sharing.
Since the HITECH Act under the ARRA in 2009 was passed, healthcare providers have spent a lot of time and resources on meeting MU requirements in order to receive federal incentive dollars. The passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010, however, started to bring attention to providers’ financial systems. With ACA – on top of changing market trends, continued cost pressures and reduced reimbursements – healthcare providers will need to do more, as RCM transforms into cost cycle management. Read this white paper to learn how the ACA – in addition to the ICD-10 conversion – has impacted RCM systems and what your organization can do to overcome these challenges.
Today, healthcare financial managers are facing a dual challenge. With the number of uninsured and self-pay patients rising and third-party reimbursement declining, they must improve their ability to collect every dollar that their organizations are owed. At the same time, however, they must prepare for new methods of reimbursement that are already starting to emerge as a result of healthcare reform. This white paper outlines critical success factors to maximize reimbursement now and prepare for the future.
In today’s era of healthcare, hospitals and health systems need to capture all revenue for services, improve margins, maintain regulatory compliance and reduce costs. This paper explains how Sunrise Financial Manager™, a comprehensive financial solution, can enable you to manage your revenue across the enterprise. It’s crucial your organization builds a strong foundation that adapts and expands for new reimbursement and care models such as Accountable Care Organizations. Read this paper to learn how to maximize revenue, improve productivity and quickly adapt to change.
Healthcare organizations are dealing with delayed cash collections and labor-intensive collections procedures. This paper explains how Sunrise Patient Financials™, a comprehensive revenue cycle management solution, can cover the entire revenue cycle, starting with the patient at home, and spanning scheduling, registration, clinical care and billing processes. Learn how you can reduce costs associated with unauthorized services and mismanaged resources, and improve reimbursement by collecting patient and payer information before services are delivered.
This section will provide tips and best practices to simplify and consolidate utilization management, discharge planning, outpatient care management, documentation integrity, quality management and risk management so that your organization can generate higher revenues by improving communication, efficiency and transitions of care. In addition, these resources will help you maximize the value of your care management program both in the hospital and across the continuum of care.
Do more with less. Reduce expenses. Generate more revenue. Sound familiar? Market forces are changing the landscape of the healthcare industry and it is more important than ever that every aspect of your operation – clinical, financial and operational – streamlines information that can give you the best outcomes for these challenges. Read this report and learn how you can meet today’s healthcare demands.
Read this white paper to learn how to streamline patient care management while generating an immediate return on investment. Finally there is a solution that is easy to implement, organized and well supported to give you the best possible outcome. Find out how Allscripts Care Management™ can help you manage patients across the continuum of care, measure and monitor care management outcomes, prove patient stays are medically necessary, reduce readmissions and so much more.
When Dr. Leviton, Chief Medical Information Officer for Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, was tasked with discharging patients sooner, he knew in order to avoid readmitted patients what he really needed was a way to better manage their length-of-stay. In this case study learn how Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center found the answer to this challenge with a web-based solution that improved efficiency, streamlined and enhanced patient care and generated higher revenues.
In this white paper learn more about a web-based solution that can help your organization coordinate outpatient care. Help your organization move to value-based care, manage total population health, ensure appropriateness of care across all care settings and achieve the high quality outcomes you need in this quick glance at the industry needs and solutions.
Your agency is uniquely positioned for exceptional performance in today’s competitive healthcare environment, but to do so you need the perfect partner to help you navigate your complex needs. Read this report to learn more on how you can improve quality of care, accelerate reimbursements and get operational control from a single, integrated software environment.
Connectivity is crucial to home health agencies and providers. When paperwork, manual processes and palm pilots began to hinder clinical efficiency, the team at one Rhode Island facility launched a vendor search to automate its home and hospice business and found a partner that gave them the solution. In this client profile see how Visiting Nurse Home Care, a statewide leader in quality home health and hospice care, put themselves on the fast track.
This section includes feedback from C-level healthcare executives regarding challenges and opportunities of value-based purchasing. In addition, this section discusses a sophisticated approach to data analytics as one of the best mechanisms to help healthcare providers with their need to fully understand the impact of their treatment decisions.
Value-based purchasing (VBP), where cost and quality are each integral parts of the equation, is now widely seen as a replacement for traditional fee-for-service reimbursement. For you, the challenge is getting from the-way-things-have-always-been to the-way-things-will-be without tumbling into a fiscal chasm. This report examines the responses to a survey of more than 200 CEOs, CFOs and CMOs who know their path to VBP is neither straight-forward nor obstacle free. Read this report to learn how to balance both the challenges and opportunities.
A sophisticated approach to data analytics is one of the best mechanisms to help healthcare providers with their need to fully understand the impact of their treatment decisions. In this white paper, learn how Humedica accomplished this and was awarded the 2012 Customer Value Enhancement Best Practices Award for its success in providing unique an adaptable tools that combine retrospective analytic capabilities.
With the introduction of healthcare reform, hospitals and physician practices are witnessing a profound change in the healthcare payment system, and a push towards accountable care. With this change comes the opportunity for you to provide highly optimized value-based care while maintaining low risk and low costs. In this white paper you will learn how to understand risks, improve performance and empower your organization.
This section includes success stories from hospitals and health systems including WellSpan Health System, Community General Hospital, Springhill Medical center, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center and more. Learn how our peers improved their revenue cycle process, workflows and increased cash flow.
Community Care Physicians, PC (CCP) is a physician-owned, physician-governed, multispecialty medical group with more than 200 physicians and clinical providers, located throughout five counties surrounding the Albany, New York greater Capital District. Community Care Physicians credits its successful growth over the last 25 years to its flexibility and forward-thinking devoted to meeting patient needs. Learn how Community Care Physicians, PC implemented and utilized Allscripts TouchWorks EHR to increase patient volume at three to five percent per year and other key benefits from EHR have been the financial gains through Pay For Performance incentives.
Central Utah Clinic is the largest group of independent physicians in Utah. Comprised of 100 physicians and nearly 50 midlevel providers who offer care in 19 specialties, the group operates out of 15 locations and treats 600,000 active patients per year. Learn how after only one year of Allscripts TouchWorks EHR implementation, Central Utah Clinic documented nearly $1 million in savings from increased revenues and reduced operational expenses.
Like all healthcare organizations, Community General Hospital constantly strives to optimize revenues, improve business efficiency and keep up with the latest managed care and compliance requirements. Faced with billing and collection demands, the hospital was experiencing long A/R cycles and decreased cash flow. Read this case study to learn how Community General Hospital implemented a solid foundation for future financial operations, reduced A/R days by nearly 50%, improved departmental communication and more.
Sound financial management and consistent cash flow are critically important to SMC and they struggled with its revenue recognition - gathering accurate patient and financial data, managing the revenue cycle and efficiently processing claims. These issues continued to persist and threatened cash flow. Read this case study to learn how SMC was able to automate its revenue cycle work processes and streamline billing, claims submission and scheduling. In addition, read how SMC established a predictable cash flow and gained valuable control over its A/R processes.
WellSpan Health System, a community-based, not for profit organization faced billing and collection challenges making it difficult to generate clean claims and significantly affected their bottom line. To preserve financial viability, WellSpan implemented an integrated solution comprised of Sunrise Access Manager™ and Sunrise Patient Financials™ that allowed them to collect all patient data, insurance approvals and billing related information at the time of patient registration. Read this case study to learn how WellSpan obtained the highest ever cash collections rate, improved POS collections, increased online payment and more.
When Dr. Leviton, Chief Medical Information Officer for Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, was tasked with discharging patients sooner, he knew in order to avoid readmitted patients what he really needed was a way to better manage their length-of-stay. In this case study learn how Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center found the answer to this challenge with a web-based solution that improved efficiency, streamlined and enhanced patient care and generated higher revenues.
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