Rearview mirror
Just three weeks into 2015, and there have already been some pretty big happenings in health IT. Angry docs! Unsatisfied patients! Emerging new C-suite roles! We look back at the week that was. More
Today’s Headlines
In a time of "fast innovation and investment" in health technology, an open Internet is...
Patient safety demands that certified electronic health records enable unique device identification,...
The University of Virginia Health System is putting its EpicCare electronic medical record to work on a...
Even as Mountain View pulls back the reins on consumer-facing development, clinical applications of...
Physicians have spoken: Not all mHealth apps are created equal. And in a new survey, docs confirmed...
A coalition of 35 physician organizations led by the American Medical Association says doctors are fed...
We all know about CIOs and CMIOs. But what's the job of a chief health information officer, anyway?
For Miami Children's Hospital, patient engagement is far more than a Stage 2 meaningful use hurdle...
National Coordinator Karen DeSalvo, MD, has appointed a practicing physician to head a newly created...
If you're a provider or payer with a great story to tell about how you've begun to remake...
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Doc at computer
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Jonathan Bush
Athenahealth, which built its reputation among ambulatory practices by doing the work doctors don't have time to do, is about to buy itself entry into ...More
Marilyn Tavenner
Marilyn Tavenner, administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, which oversees the Federal EHR Incentive Program and is in charge of the transition ...More
U.S. Capitol
"It's hard to comprehend how HHS can move forward to full-year reporting when the numbers for 90-day reporting are so low," said Congresswoman Renee Ellmers, ...More
HCA Group recently undertook a project to offer clinicians easier access to advanced digital images. Once all but impossible thanks to proprietary platforms and enormous ...More
Google is a key contender -- part of the PwC team -- bidding on the massive 10-year federal contract to build an electronic health record ...More
"I don't think I've been to a health system or even a country in the last couple of years where the Triple Aim isn't in ...More
Illustration of hand with coins
It's no secret that Americans pay a pretty penny for their healthcare. As providers face pressure to reduce costs on the front end -- for ...More
Improving the health of populations is a challenging goal -- but one that could have some far-reaching positive impacts. Untangling issues around interoperability and data ...More